Our firm has a busy criminal appeals practice and has handled appeals of both drug and criminal offences. If you have been convicted of a drug or criminal offence, you have the right to file an appeal within 30 DAYS of the date that you were sentenced. Because of this deadline, if you are considering an appeal you should act quickly to contact a lawyer.

You may chose to appeal your conviction, the sentence you were given, or both. If you appeal your conviction, you will be asking the court to reverse the finding of guilt that was made against you or order that you are entitled to a new trial. If you appeal your sentence, you will be asking the court to reduce or alter the sentence given to you.

If you retain our firm to conduct an appeal for you, our first step will be to review the reasons that the trial judge gave for your conviction and sentence. Based on our review of the judge’s reasons, we will provide you with our opinion on the chances of success of your appeal and our recommendations for proceeding, including our estimate of legal fees.

We have successfully appealed sentences and convictions for weapons offences, robbery, sexual assault, murder, etc.

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