We provide the first consultation free of charge. You should assist us at the first meeting by bringing any documents you have that are relevant to your case or to your arrest. You should also bring the names and contact information of any witnesses, if any.

If we decide to accept your case we will require a retainer. Once retained, we immediately contact the prosecution and obtain all of the evidence that they currently have. Once we have obtained the evidence, we will sit down with you and go through your case in detail. We decide the best strategy for your case and interview witnesses, negotiate with the prosecution and conduct any necessary legal research.

If it is in your best interest, we will negotiate with the prosecution to attempt to resolve your matter without the need for trial. It might be possible to convince the prosecution to have them drop, or reduce, the charges against you. If it is not possible to resolve the matter in this way, and if it makes sense to do so, then we will schedule a trial date.

In the process of obtaining evidence and conducting your case, there are usually several court appearances. As part of our service to you, we make all court appearances on your behalf leading up to the final appearance. In most cases, you will only need to be present at the final court appearance.

Our fees are competitive and are based on the length and complexity of your case, and the experience of the Lawyer conducting your case. We require an initial retainer which we will hold in trust to offset your total legal fees. We are willing to be paid in instalments, but we must be fully retained before your final court appearance. We do accept some legal aid cases.

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